OFLP Appraises Overall Project Performance

25 January 2023, Adama

The Oromia Forested Landscape Program has today commenced appraising overall project performance in a review meeting organized in Adama Town, Nafhilet International Hotel. All OFLP staff, officials and experts drawn from relevant implementing actors are taking part in this meeting that last for two days.

Coordinator of the Oromia Forested Landscape Program ob. Taye Dugasa speaking at the onset of the event disclosed that the review meeting is aimed at appraising overall progress timely of project activities. He added that the meeting will discuss key future focus areas and ways of insuring sustainability of the so far results.

Vice director of the Oromia Environmental Protection Authority Ob. Bona Yadesa on his part said OFLP has practically carried out remarkable Reforestation/Afforestation and Participatory Forest Management activities on the ground. He said this would play significant role toward attaining emission reduction and climate change mitigation targets. Moreover, he underlined the need to further strengthen cooperation and sustain the activities on the ground.  

On same event, overall implementation reports of the three clusters were presented by respective Lead Facilitators. Moreover, zonal Land Use Land Cover baseline, Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement and OFLP Benefit Sharing Plan were presented. In addition, intensive discussion was made with due emphasis on key areas of future activities and ways of insuring sustainability.

It was learned that over 38 million tree seedlings were produced and planted; over 9,400 hectares of degraded land reforested through OFLP supported community-based activities. Moreover, over 210,000 hectares of forest was demarcated while Participatory Forest Management Plan was developed for forest area of   over 190,000 hectares.

In so doing 382 local cooperatives were established and engaged in Afforestation/Reforestation activities while 120 cooperatives were established and engaged in Participatory Forest Management activities over the last five years of project implementation. 

It was also known that over 60,000 people (with 30% female) have directly benefited from OFLP grant as the project has transferred about 80 million Birr as livelihood support to local cooperatives engaged in Afforestation/Reforestation and Participatory Forest Management activities.

OFLP is a regional REDD+ pilot programmatic umbrella devoted to contributing to climate change mitigation through reducing Green House Gases, promoting sustainable forest management and enhancing Carbon stock.

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